GEDCOM Files from other researchers

  • BAKER.EXE updated 1/10/98 - This is my GEDCOM file containing 2097 names and 609 marriages. Some names in this file in addition to BAKER are STEWART, BLACKBURN, ODELL, ALGER, STRAIT, DAVIS, STEVENS, CLEVENGER, THOMAS, WARTENBE, and more.
  • KARSTNG.EXE This GEDCOM is from Ellen Chambers and has some Baker and BALL data that I have not yet work into my data base.
  • ODELL-G.EXE This file is from Glen R. Bayless and has some ODELL information that is not in my GEDCOM.
  • SAMBLA.EXE This is Sam Blackburn's GEDCOM file which has additional information not worked into my file.